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June 12, 2017


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I completely agree, Michael. I've never understood some people's disdain for genre writing. It's a shame those people are missing out on so many wonderful books!

camille minichino

In spite of your great analysis, I zeroed in on Spillane on Columbo -- do you know the name of the episode by any chance? If not, I'll do the research -- have to see it!

Also -- Writers Digest once published a "tree" with 32 branches of crime fiction! While I don't love them all, I certainly enjoy many of them.

And a plug for "Blood Trails" combining the best of many subs!

Ellen Kirschman

As I understand it, this hair splitting over genre is a side effect of the internet. Searching on line has become nuanced and influenced how book sellers and book stores have to categorized titles. My books are often called police procedurals or thrillers. I think they are neither.

Michael A. Black

Thanks for the nice comments, ladies. Staci, I've unfortunately found quite a few professors who lost their ability to see the value of anything that their professors didn't tell them was good. Camille, the Columbo episode was called Publish or Perish. Incidentally, Mickey played himself in the movie, Circle of Fire, and went on to play Mike Hammer in The Girl Hunters. (That was between all those Miller Lite beer commercials.) Ellen, I don't know if the Internet is to blame for the categorizations, but even if it isn't, it should be.


Couldn't agree more! Another thing I like to say is "Hey, Literary Fiction is a genre, too." Makes me very unpopular at the MFA reunions :)


Also, the first novel in the Spillane series is a very interesting read! (I haven't gotten to the other ones yet)

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