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June 09, 2017


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camille minichino

Interesting comparison, Ellen! I no longer wish I could address an audience of LLEAs!

Ellen Kirschman

LLEAS? Tried to figure this out with no luck.

Michael A. Black

Yeah, cops can be rough audiences, mainly because we're always being lectured and harangued about how we should be doing something by a bunch of Monday-morning quarterbacks. But, I'm sure once they saw that you were speaking to them and not at them, they warmed up and listened to the wise things you had to say. Thanks for the work you do to help police officers and their families.

Ellen Kirschman

So true. I taught a class in self care to San Jose PD last month. 90 cops, Veteran's and rookies. I bought a bunch of stress balls with me and every time someone answered a question or made a comment they got a ball. It was fun and kept everyone awake.

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