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June 13, 2017


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camille minichino

One of my favorite class handouts. I've always wondered why there's a "Woman in Jeopardy" subgenre, but no "Man in Jeopardy" -- or maybe men are in jeopardy in all the others?

Michael A. Black

Good point, Camille. I guess they'll have to modify that category to "person in jeopardy" nowadays. Especially with Wonder Woman ruling the box office.

Ellen Kirschman

I've never seen this tree before. I can plug my mysteries in at least 3 seperate categories. Your posts are always interesting and well-researched. Many thanks.

camille minichino

I'm still debating whether to see WW. Recommendations?


Hi Camille! ... I think there's a market for the "damsel in distress" type stories. Usually male victims/protags don't give off that whimpery "save me" type of vibe (aka men in distress).
At least, that's my take on the woman in jeopardy subgenre...


You're welcome, Ellen!
Although I think it was Camille who first showed me the "tree," when it first came out. :-)


Hi Mike!
I'm trying to think of a "man in jeopardy" type of book or film. Because even though Wonder Woman had her moments, the men in the film were still trying to "protect" her, ride to her side, etc.

Camille - You should talk to Devyn about Wonder Woman. Basically, she wasn't impressed. And I've read reviews that say "Don't call this a feminist movie!"

camille minichino

Devyn's word is good enough for me!

Michael A. Black

The new Wonder Woman movie is good, but skip the soft drink counter. It's also about 2 1/2 hours long. The actress playing WW is gorgeous and she also served in the Israeli army, so she adds a lot of credibility to the role. (The movie was banned in Lebanon because of her military service.) As far as a man in jeopardy movie, North by Northwest comes to mind. Who can forget Cary Grant running across that field while being shot at by the biplane pilot?

Margaret Lucke

I enjoyed "Wonder Woman," more than I expected to. And at a meeting I attended recently, women were very excited about it. Some had already seen it more than once, and several said that it brought them to tears.

As to genres, where on this chart are the Westerns on this chart? Where are the private eye tales? An interesting tree, but incomplete.

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