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June 30, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Neat history of the typewriter, Peggy. I remember the first one I had. It was a used Remington that my parents bought for me when I was in high school. I had it for many years and wish I'd kept it. I remember the story about a reporter visiting Dashiell Hammett toward the end of his life. The reporter saw several typewriters in Hammett's room and asked him if he was working on something. Hammett replied with a wistful gaze at the machines and said, "No, I just keep those around to remind myself I was once a writer."

Ellen Kirschman

Great post. Very informative. I first learned to type in high school. The boys went to shop class, the girls to typing. After all, weren't we going to be secretaries when we grew up? As much as I hated the class, I've been forever grateful to be a good typist, 70-80 wds. pr. minute. It paid the rent for years. Most importantly, my handwriting is so bad, I would never have finished my dissertation, let alone six books, without the doggone thing.

Margaret Lucke

Good story, though sad, about Dashiell Hammett, Michael.

I remember my first typewriter too, which my parents gave to me. Don't recall the brand but I can still see the brown metal case and green keys. My next one was a small Smith-Corona electric model, baby blue in color. Finally I got a used IBM Selectric of my very own.

Margaret Lucke

Ellen, you and I must have been in the same typing class, though you would have beaten me soundly in the timed typing drills. Despite being slow, I'm grateful to have learned to type -- a useful skill for a writer.

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