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June 20, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Excellent point, Priscilla. If you don't master the basics of being creative, you're nowhere.

Ellen Kirschman

Well said. In the middle of a marketing blitz leading up to the launch of Dot Meyerhoff #3, I felt totally devoid of creativity. I could just as well be selling washing machines as books. Your post was just what I needed. So glad to have met you face-to-face at the SinC showcase.

camille minichino

I'm blaming 3-digit temperatures for my lack of creativity this week, but realizing I'm in the company of all those pictured to the left really helps!


Thanks, Michael! It was great to finally meet you too, Ellen. I did forget to mention my favorite method of regaining creativity when I couldn't even write an ad for a washing machine: going to the wine country for the day. And I don't even go for the wine. It really is our little Provence in CA. Just like the smell of the air! And heat kills everything but ants, Camille...

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