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July 31, 2017


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Mar Preston

How interesting. I remember being that excited about theology once. Brings is all back. Thanks.

Michael A. Black

Camille, after reading this one it reaffirms what I've long thought: you're one of the smartest, most talented people I've ever known. I'm glad I was off this week and didn't have to deal with this topic. ;-)

camille minichino

Mar, tell us more!

Michael, you're always so generous in your support of us! I was very lucky to have outstanding teachers at every level. Many of them in my grades 1 - 12 years had just gotten off the boat :), as we used to say, like our parents, and they brought a dedication and love of learning that was inspiring and motivating. Every kid can be "smart" with that beginning. I wish that for every kid now.


Wow! I just received a short course by reading your post! Well done, as only you can do it. Looking forward to what the rest of the LadyKillers have to say this coming week.

And who scheduled that topic anyway??
..... Oh yeah.
Nevermind. :-}

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