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July 10, 2017


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You've made some excellent points here. A character sketch can be so helpful for keeping a character consistent and knowing how they'll react. When I have trouble figuring out how one of my characters would behave in a particular situation, it's usually because I haven't been thorough with their background info.
As for characters with similar names, I just finished a book where one character was referred to by his first name of Gary and another by his last name of Geary. Drove me crazy!

Jean Rabe

Great advice. I will post it to Facebook. Michael, you really ought to be on Facebook so you can "share" some of these blogs.

Ellen Kirschman

Not stating the obvious. This was very helpful! Thanks.

camille minichino

I'm OK with action at the beginning, but I must admit I'm irritated by books/shows where the opening is a spoiler, so when you get to story (which is then backstory) you already know the woman will have a gun to her head, or be be tied up in a basement, at some time.


Excellent post, Michael! I could've saved myself a lot of grief with my WIP by keeping backstory in its rightful place... in the back of my mind!

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