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July 03, 2017


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Jean Rabe

My friend Andre Norton loved doll houses and miniatures, got me interested in the hobby. My writer-friend Chris Verstraete (who writes zombie fiction) is big into miniatures and wins awards. Such a great hobby. Thanks for sharing.

camille minichino

Jean, I know Chris Verstraete very well through FB (!) and we've shared many blogs and cross promotions. She is one talented lady and very generous. Small world (so to speak)!

Donna Howard

I can relate. I have been "into" the hobby for years, since the 1970's at least. Sadly a lot of the stores, real brick and mortar, are no longer in business as the internet has done them in. But there are great groups and stores on Etsy and I am still hanging in. Nice to know you like them too.

Michael A. Black

You're quite an artist, Camille. Being able to create things in such detail is a great talent. My dad was a dental technician and he used to make a lot of miniature works of art, too. I'll check out your website.

camille minichino

I'd love to see samples of your work, Donna and Michael.

Ellen Kirschman

My husband took up miniature railroading for a while but didn't like being alone in the garage. The only things I make up are books. Kudos to you.

camille minichino

I love railroad models. My b-i-law has a whole exterior outbuilding for his reproduction of a station in VA. I want to live there (in the model).


I have always loved the amazing detail in your miniatures! But the drone is a hoot!

camille minichino

Thanks, Priscilla -- I was going for hoot!

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