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July 25, 2017


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The Idioms

Hello Ann,
Hope you doing good.

I just love to read this interesting post, idioms are really funny and mysterious. Your this post made my day. Keep it up.

Freya, UK


Great idioms, Ann. I, too, like the sneeze-lurker!
I never realize how silly some idioms are until I say one and my oldest son stops me and makes me tell him all about what the idiom means and how it came about (which I usually don't know). Idioms might make the language more interesting, but they certainly don't make things easier to understand.

Michael A. Black

Great and informative post, Ann. I immediately checked out The Art Of Manliness and found in a most hugger-mugger way, that even a rumbumptious rusty gut like me can be off the horn for a month of Sundays.


Hello Freya,
Thanks for dropping by... Glad you enjoyed the post! Of course I had to check out your site (http://www.theidioms.com/list/). Wow!
I am certain I shall return often. :-)


Hi Staci!
So true! In fact, idioms are one of the things that apparently trip up those coming to English as a second (or third or fourth or...) language. They make no sense as a simple string of words. One has to understand the hidden meaning. :-)


HA! You definitely have the hang of it, Mike! :-D


Sneeze lurkers, indeed! Love the post, love the topic. I run into trouble all the time in my books that include tidbits of French. French idioms are as hard for me to 'get' as american ones are for the French, so I often find myself in "huh?" mode.


Hi Susan!
Yep yep... dealing with idioms in a foreign language... egads, I can just imagine! It's kind of like historical idioms, very perplexing.
Time travel is out of the question for me, but for you... going to France for a year for research? Doesn't sound too bad! ;-)

Ellen Kirschman

We are all going to compete for ways to use "sneeze lurker." Halloween costume perhaps? Funny you quoted the Art of Manliness. I just included a quote from that site in the second edition of I Love A Cop. My editor had all kinds of questions about it's origin. It's quite informative.

Dani Greer

I just learned a new one: sent to Coventry.

Mar Preston

Cupboard love--the way they say cats love you as long as you keep those Friskies coming.

But my cats really love me!

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