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August 04, 2017


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Mar Preston

So much here, Ellen. I too am a student of law enforcement, but you have a closer perspective than I do.

The Public Safety Writers Association which offers a yearly conference in Las Vegas is an excellent opportunity to sit down with a cop--or firefighter or EMT--and hear the stories that haunt them. The commonality despite so many differences is the idea of helping people, to make our towns and cities just a little bit better.

Marla Friedman

Thanks Ellen , Truth Rules !!!

camille minichino

Thanks, Ellen. I've been lucky enough to know a few cops, detectives. One told me once: "I'm boring, been married to the same woman for 2 decades, unlike most tv cops." Your post is a handy guide!


This is a wonderful start to the conversation the US really needs to continue. Thank you for sharing your insights.

Michael A. Black

Thoughtful insights about policing, Ellen. I'd also like to add the bias of the news coverage contributing to the stress police officers are constantly under. Cops dying in the line of duty don't merit a of prolonged media attention. How many people can name the NYPD officer who was assassinated a few weeks ago? Or any of the five Dallas coppers who died in that ambush...? The message sent is a simple one of omission by design: Cops lives don't matter. Is it any wonder why their suicide rate is so high?

Ellen Kirschman

You're so right, Mike. I used to tell cops -if you are going to screw up, do it on a busy news day. because when you're exonerated it will be backpage news. If we ever have a topic on police stress the media goes on top.

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