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August 14, 2017


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Ellen Kirschman

I'm glad to hear that we get better with each book. I feel that way about my series. Happy to know that the best book might spur readers to tolerate the earlier, less well-written, books. Fibonacci? I thought that was a pasta dish.

Michael A. Black

Your right, Camille, why not start with an author's latest series entry? After all, really good series books should all stand on their own as well as be part of the overall series. I remember discovering the Travis McGee series and read them out of order. I was amazed at how much better MacDonald got with his later entries to the series.

Mar Preston

You're right about getting better. I shudder looking back. I admire how prolific you are.

camille minichino

I had SO many agenda items in my first novel, Mar. I dumped everything in there -- as if that were my one and only chance to write a book :) .

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