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August 22, 2017


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camille minichino

I had a childhood friend who decided the beehive was for her and kept it until she died in 2008. Here's to Gerry, after whom I named my Miniature Mysteries character, the year the real Gerry died.

Michael A. Black

Great commentary on trends, Ann. I think I would have liked your Aunt Bette. She sounds like quite an independent thinking lady.

Ellen Kirschman

I wonder if all this internet stuff isn't changing our brains. I too have limited tolerance for wordy stuff although today I read a long article in the New Yorker about Sigmund Freud. I don't know if Mike agrees, but radio transmission - short and to the point - can influence how cops talk off duty.

Michael A. Black

Interesting point, Ellen. For me, radio communication was almost like knowing a second language. The ten codes, which vary from region to region in the country and sometimes the state, assisted me more than a few times in being able to conduct conversations with another officer that were unclear to a civilian who was in the vicinity. For instance, "He's 10-55" means "He's intoxicated," and "10-32" means "He's got a gun." The trend over the past decade has been to do away with these ten codes, but I always thought they should be standardized nationwide.


Ah, the beehive! Yes, Aunt Bette was maybe a "modified beehive." Lots of hairspray. She could walk through a hurricane and come through the other side with perfect hair!


Hiya Mike! I think you would've liked her. She was a draftsperson (!) for Martin Marietta, starting in the late 1940s until she and my uncle (who was an engineer there) retired in the... 1970s(?) I think it was.
Quite a lady. Will of steel.


Wow, Mike and Ellen... that's fascinating! Very interesting that the officers use the codes to communicate privately as well as on the radio...

Carole Price

I, too, would have liked your Aunt Bette. I don't know about past trends of her era, but my mother was always stylish. Maybe because she'd been on stage as a performer.

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