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August 21, 2017


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Jean Rabe

superb column, on point. I gotta post this one to my Facebook followers. And WHY AREN'T YOU ON FACEBOOK to promote your stuff?

Donna Howard

I think right now on TV at least, the trend seems to be "ghost hunting". Some of the earlier ones are entertaining and interesting, the ones coming out now are just silly and won't last long.

Very entertaining post Michael.

Ellen Kirschman

Entertaining and literary. Thanks for the historical references.

Michael A. Black

Thanks for the comments. I didn't think about ghosts hunters, and later realized I also failed to mention the superhero craze which is probably reaching its apex. We'll know if a superhero parody crops up. Usually when something is parodied, it's a sure sign that it's on the way out. Remember Blazing Saddles? Facebook to me is a scary proposal, Jean. Maybe I'll leave it to my ghost. ;-)

camille minichino

Educational, as always, Michael. And when can we expect that western? Contemporary? I'll bet you're having fun with it!

Michael A. Black

Thanks, Camille. As far as the western, it's set in 1879 and features some real life characters as well as some fictional ones. I've gained a new respect for
Ann, whose series is set in the past. It requires a whole new set of rules as far as conjuring metaphors and images. The working title is Legends. I'm sort of in a tight deadline situation having two novels due in December, and I'm feeling the pressure.


I am so excited that you are writing a Western, Mike! I can't wait for it to come out... please keep us posted! :-D

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