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August 03, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Yeah, I always get a little sad as the end of summer approaches, too, Staci. Springtime is my favorite season, with summer a close second. But each one has something to offer.

Mar Preston

Shrieeeeek! It's August.


You made me nostalgic for my own youth. My dad put in an above-the-ground pool when we moved to Las Vegas. That first summer we got brown as berries and swam every day in the desert heat. Hope you and your family have some grand adventures before the next school bell rings!


The backyard campouts were a favorite around our home. The bathroom was right there and so were the parents (usually one of us was in the tent as well)... All of the fun and none of the "issues" re: camping in a campground with small fry. :-)

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