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September 04, 2017


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Ellen Kirschman

Great post. No wonder fatigue is a huge problem in law enforcement leading to all sorts of bad things: poor judgement, traffic accidents, slowed response time and so on.

camille minichino

That's not how it is on TV, Michael. Are you sure about this? 😀

Michael A. Black

I just reread this one and getting through it was almost as bad as working one of those midnight shifts. You're right, Ellen. Fatigue was my constant companion, augmented by jolts of adrenaline when an emergency popped up. And yes, Camille, they never show the coppers on TV going to court unless it's to get beat up by Perry Mason.


Wow... this is a great story, Mike! I don't know how you managed those night shifts. I did a few all-nighters while in college, working on term papers and cramming before finals (bad idea. very bad idea.). I still remember how things would buzz along, I would be very focused (especially if I was writing a paper) and then, somewhere around 4am, everything would get very surreal and my brain would just short circuit. There certainly *is* something about those early morning hours that makes them just plain unnatural...

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