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September 18, 2017


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Thanks for sharing this. Really.

Ellen Kirschman

You give a great deal back. You never fail to respond to anyone's email, including mine. Now I know where you got those shoulders.

Mar Preston

Sometimes you find your own way despite...


You are so inspiring, Mike! Thanks for sharing your experiences as a mentoree and a mentor! :-)

camille minichino

Let me get my hands on that teacher who tore up *anything* one of her students wrote.

Except I've now learned, from your post, that nobody wins a fight.

Thanks for that.


What a great post, Mike. I'm appalled by the teacher who tore up your story and had the same experience you did in regards to college professors who were only focused on themselves. But at least you found some wonderful mentors after that, and you've become a great mentor yourself.

Michael A. Black

Don't be too hard on my former teacher. I was pretty hurt at the time, but she provided me with the topic for an essay I wrote in a Writer's Digest anthology titled, How I Got Published. I called it "A Sixth Grade Education." ;-)

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