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September 19, 2017


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camille minichino

I'm only slightly embarrassed by Ann's post, since anyone who has read even the first paragraph of Silver Lies, her first book, knows how easy it would be to "mentor" such talent. I still remember the jaw-dropping reaction when she read a passage for the first time in a critique group.

And like so much mentoring, ours soon became, and still is, mutual. Thanks, Ann.

Michael A. Black

What an inspiring story Ann. I'm glad you found your mentors and they helped you along. I can't think of a finer person than Camille to guide someone. She's an inspiration to me as well.

Ellen Kirschman

Camille has been an inspiration and a help to me since decades ago when she invited me, as the author of a non-fiction, book to address an MWA meeting. (I think it was MWA). Her praise for that book was encouraging beyond belief. Since then she's held her hand out many times during my transition to fiction. Case in point, If it wasn't for her, I'd wouldn't be a LadyKiller.

Margaret Lucke

So that's how you and Camille met. I'm not surprised that the mentoring and the friendship between you two flourished, because you are both such valuable people to know in both of those capacities.

camille minichino

Peggy Lucke has it right, about *mutual* mentoring with LKs Ellen Kirschman, Ann Parker, and others who have taken off in that new-to-them field.

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