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September 11, 2017


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Mar Preston

Yes, that sounds about right. And I wonder why I'm so tired.

Ellen Kirschman

Have you been spying on me? Substitute prepping for writing classes with prepping for workshops with cops and their families and we have identical cases of multi-tasking syndrome. I'm posting on Friday, with only a few edits, I might just copy yours.

Michael A. Black

Wow, what a great post, Camille. It's so good it's almost like poetry. You have a scientist's ability to see the world, and an artist's ability to write about it.

camille minichino

No copyright on this list, Ellen and Mar.
And Michael, you are always so supportive of LKs. I'd love to have YOUR skillset!

PS -- A new show coming this fall, with Shemar Moore (love him) called SWAT.

Michael A. Black

I've seen the previews for that one, Camille. I went through a couple SWAT schools, one of which was at the Houston Police Academy. It's probably under water now. We did a run every morning and one day that steered us into the bayou. This was back in the day, and our class had the first female officer to complete the course. Believe me, a lot of guys dropped out before finishing.

camille minichino

Once the new SWAT show is running, you'd provide a great service by critiquing it, Michael.


Camille, I am in awe! Now I can understand drifting in and out of news programs because there is so little content with all the commercials, repetitions, and breaks in stories so audience must continue to watch to get the whole thing. But no way could I do all you do!

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