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September 12, 2017


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camille minichino

I have always admired your resolve on so many issues, Priscilla, and you've proven yourself worthy with this post.

Alas (is that a Roman times word?) I can't take your advice (see yesterday) or I would bore myself to death. I'll have to be happy admiring from afar.

Michael A. Black

An interesting take on multitasking, Priscilla. I agree that many times trying to do too much results in doing nothing really well.

Mar Preston

I wonder sometimes if I have ADHD or whatever it's called in adults. I still keep trying to multi-task. I think it's my nature.

I have noticed that not much gets done all that well these days, though. Sigh.


"Alas" seems to come from Latin "lassus", Camille. You knew I'd just have to look that up, didn't you? And even before I had my first coffee... As for my condemnation of multitasking, I really did do a lot of it "back in the day", but I got to the point I was just burned out. I still do several "mindless" things at the same time, but no way can I do that with a book.

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