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October 03, 2017


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I've heard that some cats love to sit on books and papers. My cat doesn't do that, but she does love to make a fuss and starts to pace and meow quite loudly whenever I try to make a phone call. She's worse than my kids!

Michael A. Black

I see you have a nice writing partner there, Ann.

Carole Price

Maybe Mia is trying to tell you to include her in one of your books.


Hi Staci!
Miss Mia also paces when I'm on the phone. Skype seems to be particularly upsetting. Maybe because she hears two voices but only sees one person, me! :-)


Hi Carole!
HA! Then she'd NEVER leave me alone! ;-)


Hi Michael!
Yep, I do, whether I want one or not. ;-)
Most of the time she's great. Just sometimes, though, the nuisance factor is high.


It works here to remind the Dynamic Duo that what they are sitting on is what fills their gruel bowl. Either they rise or the bowl remains empty... But I think Mia is less mercenary. I think she is trying to help...

camille minichino

Scariest post ever! :)


Great idea for a topic and I love the pictures. It helps to remember cats were gods once (see ancient Egypt) and they have not forgotten. They're working their ways back up the chain all over the planet...yes, Camille, SCARY! LOL!

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