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October 06, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Peggy, I'm glad that O'Meara's moving up in his reincarnation: from a lawyer to an Irish Setter... love it. ;-)

Margaret Lucke

Yes indeed, Michael, evolution works in strange and wondrous ways. And O'Meara's tale (tail?) shows how the characters often know more about what the story is than the author does.

camille minichino

Thanks for that 2nd paragraph, Peggy -- now I can just recite it when asked about pets. What self-respecting (any adult) has time for that? :)

Margaret Lucke

Happy to be of service, Camille! Recite paragraph 2 all you like. :-)

Ellen Kirschman

I've had two Irish Setters. Beautiful smart animals. People think they're dumb because their energy sometimes overrides their intellect, but I swear at least one of my setters was as smart as a five-year old human. I miss them both.

Margaret Lucke

Beautiful and smart -- that's why I picked an Irish setter to be in my novels. I like your description, Ellen: "their energy sometimes overrides their intellect." I'll keep it in mind as I write more about O'Meara.

Mar Preston

I like dogs too, Peggy. Last night (when I was all alone) my little dog came in and growled at an empty chair. A full moon was shining through the windows. I'll use this somewhere, somehow.

Margaret Lucke

Sounds like a ghost story to me, Mar. If you hadn't already claimed it, I might find a place for this incident in one of my haunted house novels. ;-)

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