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October 24, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Well said, Priscilla. I only write what I wouldn't mind reading, and vice versa.


Ditto, Michael!

camille minichino

Leave it to you, Priscilla, to provide a history lesson, no matter what the topic. Where were you when I needed you, while I suffered through history a la football coach c. 1950? Oh, right not yet born.


And did I ever need you, Camille, when I was in high school, failing algebra and struggling with chemistry!

Ellen Kirschman

Wonderful post. Informative and right on the money IMHO. I'm in total agreement. Only one question. I'm posting on Friday, what's left to say?


Thanks, Ellen! And I look forward to your Friday post!

Jean Rabe

Really enjoyed your column... touched on some of the same points I did. And you did it better. So I rewrote mine for tomorrow. And tonight I will probably watch a movie that blows up to keep me in the mood!


Love the movie idea, Jean!

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