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October 10, 2017


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Christine Verstraete

And you got the last laugh. :)

Ellen Kirschman

Wow you are prolific....

Michael A. Black

Neat story, Jean. It reminds me of my own grammar school trials and tribulations. I wonder if Mrs. Burleson went to the same teacher's collage as my sixth grade teacher? They certainly were sisters in cynicism. Burleson... Now that's a good name for a villain.

Michael A. Black

PS: Zane Grey was a distant relative of mine.

Jean Rabe

Man, I did not like that teacher. Grrrrrr....she sent shivers down my back. I think I will turn her into a villain. Good therapy, eh?

Thank y'all for the comments.

And, Mike, really...related to Zane Grey...how cool is that?

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