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November 30, 2017


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Jean Rabe

great column; I enjoyed the read

Mar Preston

Ah yes, Kat. I grew up in Parry Sound and North Bay so I know hockey. My Dad used to get out the garden hose on icy nights to make a rink for us in the side yard. And the guys, even some cops, play hockey in Culver city at a rink, which is adjacent to Santa Monica.

So I know what hockey gear smells like. And Timmie’s coffee. The sound of that slap shot from the blue line.

Ah, you bring it all back. Are you a writer yourself, Kat?

You made this a wonderful day for me. Thank you.

Michael A. Black

Interesting hobby for a cop, Mar. I always stayed away from the game myself because I could never figure out how to throw a decent punch while on ice skates. ;-)

Mar Preston

Detectives aren't popular team mates because they get called away so often. I learned that.

Work on that punch, Mike. There's plenty of instructional videos posted (hockey games).

Kathy Daniels

Just an aspiring writer Mar, Time will tell. =^..^=

Ellen Kirschman

Love that cover! Scary.

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