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November 27, 2017


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Jean Rabe

loved the carving pics ... and now I realize Piper Blackwell doesn't have a hobby. I will remedy that with the third book. Everyone needs a hobby. I fuse glass. In the summer ... summer is my hobby.

Ellen Kirschman

I don't have a hobby and neither does Dot Meyerhoff. Hmmm...

camille minichino

Wow, Michael-- a wholly different side appears! I love the drawing, and can't imagine the skill it takes for wood carving. Thanks so much for sharing!

Everyone: click on the images to enlarge, to see the great detail.


I love this, Michael. I'd figured the running and working out, but drawing and carving? You have a very artistic bent! I hope you find time in the future to pick up those hobbies again... looks like fun!

Kathy Daniels

When I saw the topic, I was thinking your post would have your alter ego Ron Shade's Kickboxing as a hobby, but I never would have suspected woodcarving. Thanks for posting the photos, that's quite a skill, it must require a lot of patience.

Carole Price

Whoa, Michael, you have mega talent. I hope you never give up because hobbies are essential to our soul. It keeps us grounded.

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