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November 21, 2017


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camille minichino

Nicely put, Priscilla -- my cosmic peace came when I was living in faculty quarters on a Boston campus. Nothing as beautiful as English Collegiate Gothic architecture in the snow!


Beautiful image, Camille. Yes!

Donna Howard

I am with you Priscilla! I love snow. And no I have never had to shovel it and am scared to drive in it. My hubby is not in the best of health this year and is always moaning he would love to live somewhere south in the warm. But having said that, I really enjoy the cleanness of it and how it clings to the tree branches and how it sparkles in the sun that we usually get the next day. I will secretly enjoy it and not voice my opinion out loud.

Ellen Kirschman

I'm with the actor. You'll see why when I post on Friday.


I love snow! That's probably because I've lived in California my whole life and have very little exposure to the snow and what it's like to live in it for a few days. My experiences mostly revolve around driving up to Tahoe for the weekend, where other people have already shoveled all the snow for me and all I have to do is enjoy it.


My sympathies on your husband's health, Donna, and my best wishes for improvement soon. I understand moving to a warmer spot, although I fled from eternal drizzle in the Pacific Northwest, not cold. But I still miss snow!


Looking forwrd to your post, Ellen!


I'm all for pre-shoveled snow, Staci!

Michael A. Black

Being from Chicago, I've spent a lot of time in the snow, and unfortunately, I can't share your appreciation of the stuff. I shoveled way too much of it.


If I had had to shovel it, I'd likely feel the same, Michael!

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