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December 25, 2017


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camille minichino

As usual, Michael covers all the bases (yes, that's a sports metaphor from me!). I've always been glad I didn't have to follow him on this blog, though I'm sure Ann is up to it. :)
Hoping to meet you again, Michael, virtually on my blog, and real(ly)at conferences . . .


Hi Mike!
Being the Tuesday to your Monday has been one of the best things about being on LadyKillers! I'll miss reading your insightful posts.
As you say, "Until we meet again..." and I'm sure we will!

Jean Rabe

well said

Carole Price

Hi, Mike. As you said, all good things . . . I've enjoyed reading your very informative posts and will miss them. Hope to run into you somewhere.

Margaret Lucke

Mike, you always opened our mutual week on the LadyKillers with great style and excellent perspectives. Being your blogmate has been a real pleasure. "Until we meet again" is a good way to put. Looking forward to that.

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