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December 20, 2017


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Christine Verstraete

Merry Christmas to all. And enjoy that book!

Michael A. Black

Sorry to hear about Big Jake, Jean. Your blog shows us all what's really important in life. It's been a pleasure being on The Ladykillers with you.

Steve Rouse

Unlike a good book, a life can only be experienced once. So happy that you had all those hours of play and cuddle with Jake. Memories to stay in your heart forever. Maybe he could be in one of your stories, too... Like Wrinks! Thanks for all you writing and all you insights!


You have shared some valuable wisdom in your post. I feel like opening up that pack of note cards that I always think are too nice to use and for once, I will actually use them.

Carole Price

What a lovely post, Jean. Beautiful Jake . . . I teared up when I read he had passed away. I am guilty of saving clothes, china, jewelry for only special occasions. Not any more. I'm no spring chicken.


Wonderful post, Jean.
I'm pulling out my grandmother's china NOW and will be using one of the bowls for breakfast tomorrow.
So sorry to hear of Jake's passing... but as you say, it's all a valuable lesson. Just a very difficult one that we all keep learning over and over throughout life.
Looking forward to following your personal blog in the new year and cheering you on in your writer's journey! Thanks for being a member of the LadyKillers!

Jean Rabe

thanks for your comments. I'm gonna miss this, but I will blog more often on my page. And I've signed up for your newsletters.

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