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December 19, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Interesting perspective on the Korean War, Priscilla. It was exceptionally hard on those Americans who fought it. Although it only lasted about three years, we lost almost as many men as we did in over ten years in Vietnam. The verdict is still out as to how it was handled. I've heard different opinions on that, and as you pointed out, we're facing some dangers there today. Another good book written by James Brady is The Coldest War. Brady was a young marine during the conflict. It's been a pleasure and an honor to be part of the blog with you and the other fine writers. I'll miss you all.

camille minichino

Not much more to say, Priscilla: One of the good things about reading history is the discovery that people have always been ignorant, bigoted, self-absorbed, greedy, willfully blind, and moral cowards.

It's a good thing I read to the hopeful end :)

I will miss these bi-weekly visits with you, but will catch up on 2/15!


Thanks for the book reference, Michael. Brady may have been one of his contacts in writng this book. I will miss you too!


Love your post, Priscilla... cocoon of fear, indeed.
I had an uncle who fought in the front lines of Korea. I still recall some of his harrowing stories of that time.
These are fraught times, but then, there have been many such throughout history.
I'll have to look up The Coldest Winter and add it to the TBR stack.
Looking forward to your personal blog... And thank you for your many years on the LadyKillers!


It's a long book, Ann, but it never dragged. The sad kicker to this story is that he handed in the final proofs of the book, then got into the car in which he was killed in an accident shortly thereafter.


Well, not quite liteally. A few days later!

Jean Rabe

Such a good post. I've put the book on my list.


It is a goodie. Happy 2018, Jean!

Carole Price

Enjoyed your post, Priscilla. My brother, a marine, was in the Korean war. I look forward to your personal blog.


Thank you, Carole. The book really made the war come alive. Halberstam wrote extremely well.

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