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December 12, 2017


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Times have definitely changed since the early days of the armchair detective. Miss Marple in a fist fight? Ha! Not likely.
I must confess, however, that I do like the occasional suspense scene in a cozy mystery, whether it be a chase or a fight of some kind, just so long as it's dealt with realistically.

Ellen Kirschman

In my first mystery, Burying Ben, my protagonist, Dot Meyerhoff, hit her ex husband over the head with a wine bottle (he deserved it) at the same time he slammed her into the floor. Big ouches on both accounts. Since then I've restricted her pain to the emotional realm. She's in her fifties. Too old to be scrapping.

Michael A. Black

Perhaps we should all take note that nobody ever wanted to beat the crap out of Miss Marple and adjust our behavior accordingly. Of course, the flip side is that where ever she went, somebody ended up getting murdered.

Margaret Lucke

I've read almost all of Agatha Christie and enjoyed her books for the puzzle and other reasons. I've always had a problem, though, with those and certain other cozies, and that is the unrealistic lack of pain. I don't mean physical violence, which I can do without, but a murder occurring near to hand is bound to create a level of emotional disruption and hurt for everyone concerned, and too many authors don't give that fact its due.

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